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Chop Service

Are you struggling to get the perfect mitre for your frames?

Mouldings can often be too soft or too hard or of an awkward profile, making them difficult to cut with a hobby mitre saw. At Indigo we offer our precision chop service, firstly inspecting the moulding for defects, twists and bends, then cutting in house on our double mitre saw to the required size, checked, wrapped, packed and delivered to you ready for you to join.

No Waste - No Cutting - No Hassle

Picture Framing Chop Service, Flintshire, Chester

Ask about our chop service. No waste, No Cutting, No Hassle! Get in Touch

What We Do

Indigo offer Custom Picture Framing including gallery & conservation framing, laminating, stretch & frame, CMC wizard cutting, chop service, framing equipment, sundries & DIY supplies with a personal, friendly service....more about us

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